HQTECH Inc. is growing into a leading company in the industry

of Nano Film Display and dash cam. Our top priority is to satisfy

our customers and to gain their trust.

We, HQTECH Inc., are a technological leading company developing and manufacturing new advanced products such as Nano-Film Displays, NFD applied devices, and dash cams.
Furthermore, we have been working with Samsung Electronics as a cooperative firm in the field of SQA since our establishment in 2008. We have built a long-term and solid relationship with our client on mutual trust due to our high quality technical services.
Our excellent technical staff are doing their best to develop new advanced products that will lead the market and also we develop and supply customized NFD products based on the client’s needs. As a result, in 2016, we have developed a new concept NFD power bank that is equipped with always-on Nano Film Display. Moreover, we have already been exporting a new dash cam developed by us to the overseas market.
HQTECH Inc. is expanding its global market, constantly making efforts to meet customer needs and respond to rapid changes in the market. Our efforts to develop new advanced products that the market requires will continue without a stop.